Daily Work Orders

The Challenge

Your tenants have needs. Some of the needs we have served in the past include:
  • leaks
  • appliance repair
  • landscaping
  • painting
  • drywall repairs
  • flooring
  • window repair

The Solution

We work with management companies from across the country that purchase homes and place them on a SFR program. We employ the latest cloud-based software to manage the entire work order process. All of the service techs that perform the on-site work have mobile applications to ensure that the work is done properly and documented so that you always know the status of the work order.

Our system provides a customer portal for you to check the status of your orders. Or, if you choose, you may be notified by email or text message. Our company understands the importance of communication with not only you, but also your resident.

From estimates to work orders to completed invoices, our goal is to complete the process as quickly as possible to ensure that your residents are satisfied. If you want to work with a team that has experience in dealing with daily work orders, you’ve come to the right place.

We Rethought Everything

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